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    Weifang World Kite Museum
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Weifang World Kite Museum

From the Museum Director

Ladies and Gentlemen:

????Hello! Welcome to!

????As the birthplace of the kite, Weifang is well-known as the Kite Capital of the World and a new Top-tourist City of China. Weifang World Kite Museum, the largest kite museum in the world as well as the sole kite museum in China, covers an area of 8,100 square meters and has a typical style of traditional Chinese architecture. With the dragon-kite-shaped ridge made of complete composite porcelain, the roof of the Museum, covered with peacock blue glazed tiles, looks like a dragon flying in the sky.

????The over one thousand fine kites of China and foreign countries and the over three hundred pieces of historical materials of kite fully elaborate the various schools of kites around the world as well as the unique style of widely subjects, beautiful shapes, elegant paintings and excellent flying ability of Weifang kites.

????We sincerely hope that the internet will serve as a bridge of the friendship between the kite organizations, kite experts, kite lovers and us and a bridge for the closer link of Weifang and the outer world.

????“The silver string links the world; the kite spreads friendship.” I do hope that your visit here will leave you good impression. We are always welcoming your closer watch to the kites in our Museum, where you will enjoy the fascinating art form and share the joy of the blue sky!

Thank you!