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Weifang World Kite Museum


Brief Introduction To Weifang World Kite Museum


The first Chinese world kite museum is the largest kite museum in the

world,which covers an area of 8100sq.m.Its architectural pattern looks like a

famous Weifang local dragon-head centipede kite.The ridge is composed of a complete

pottery dragon.The roof is made up of peacock glazed glasses,like a dragon playing

in the sky up and down.The design is unique in China.

??????? The kite museum collects and displays many valuable kites and relevant

culture relic materials.In the display area of 2000 sq.m introduces the kites’

history,classification,creation, Weifang International Kite Festival and a survey

of Weifang. The exhibition with about 1000 valuable kites,300 pieces of full and

accurate kite culture materials,pictures,writings, paintings and raplica,reflects

the special style,fine and delicate craftsmanship,vivid shape,selective subjects,and

introduces the foreign kites’ style,fine and delicate craftsmanship, exaggerated

shape, selective subjects,introduces the foreign kites with characteristics of

inflated shape,boldness of conception,bright colours and smooth gliding,and also

reappears the historical facts of electing Weifang to be the “World Kite Capital”

in 1988 and founding “the international Kite Feberation” in 1989……,Besides,a series

of showrooms for calligraphies,paintings, folklore, rare stones, handicrafts and

quality chinawares made in Jingdezhen etc. are set up in museum, which represent

the splendid culture of the Chinese people and are full of unique artistic charm.


??????? Weifang Kite Museum was formally renamed “Weifang World Kite Museum”

in March, 2004.The exhibition area has been further expanded and the exhibition

has been greatly enriched.In order to make more tourists from different parts

of the world fully get to know the culture of the kites and appreciate the excellent

kites from different parts of the world,we now sincerely would like to get help

and support from kite organizations,kite lovers,and people engaged in kite culture


??????? If you have good kites and would like to display and exhibit them in

our museum,we will collect them through legal channel.

??????? “Silver lines link the world,kites spread friendship”.The attraction

of kite culture will connect you with our world kite museum.

???????? We sincerely welcome you!

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