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The Classifications of Kite

?The Classification of Kites
? According to their different shapes and frame structures, the kites are classified into

Bunch-shaped Kite:
????? It is made up of several kites of the same or different kinds which are connected one by one by strings. Its typical kind is dragon-kite.
Soft-winged Kite
?????The upper part of this kind of kite is made of bamboo strip, while the lower part is soft. The frame, usually relief-shaped, is suitable to make bird or insect kite.
Solid (tube-shaped) Kite
?????This kind of kite, composed of several connected wind-receiving sides or “tubes”, has a structure of distinct dimensions. Due to the folding frame, the angle of the flying kite can be freely adjusted as the wind-force changes.
Plank-shaped Kite
????This kind of kite has flat structure with frame around. A long tassel is usually put to the lower part of the kite to help keeping balance. Since it is easier to make and fly, plank-shaped kite is more common than the other kinds.
Hard-winged Kite
?????The wing-shaped frame is formed by two horizontally placed bamboo strips, leaving a lower part in the middle for wind to go through. Different subjects make the other parts of the kites of the same kind different.