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Weifang World Kite Museum

The World Kite Museum

The naissance of world kite capital????
??????? Weifang kites association sent (The proposal) to organizations throughout the world to October, 1987. Aiming at running for the World kite capital, this aroused enormous effect in the world and they all telephoned and cabled us for support. The presidium of the firth Weifang International Kite Festival on April 1st. 1988, witnessed the confirmation to negotiate this issue with world and history significance. The directors of kites association from thirteen counties and areas, namely: China. America. Britain. Canada. France. Italy. Germany. Demark. Australia. New Zealand. Japan. Thailand and Hong Kong. Attended this conference, David choked a famous American kite nobility, chairman of the Seattle kite association read (the proposal to make Weifang “the world kite capital”). He highly praised the long history of Weifang kite; its exquisite techniques as well as the contributions that Weifang had made to promote kites as gymnasium and tourism items in the world. The directors in the conference agreed the proposal unanimously and signed signatures on the proposal. Even since then. Weifang was formally elected “world kite capital”