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Weifang World Kite Museum

Kite DIY

The Process of Making of Kites
??? The techniques for making kites
??? To make a kite, you have to undergo ten procedures

???? Making backbones lay solid foundation for making a kite
???? Choosing materials bamboos, which are tangible, light, easy to bend and make any forms, are often adopted for making a kite.
???? Processing: Take bamboos for example. Generally speaking, there are five procedures: choose materials for bamboos. Break bamboos, chop bamboos into bars, make improvements on the bars and bend them to a set form. You need to choose bamboos with long?????????? distance between two burls, strong tenacity, non-moth-eaten, dryness exceeding one year. Break bamboos should be accorded with the size of the kites and the requirements of each part to make careful improvements. The tools for chopping bamboos are usually knives and other sharp tools.
Further making: Two methods are usually used: pressing head and buttoning head.

?2. Pasting
??? After finishing the backbone, then comes the act of pasting colors on it. Southern kite craftsman call it “veiling face” white it is termed as “paste” in the north.
??? The materials for pasting the kites ought to be tangible and in tenacity. The methods to veil kites are decided by the categories of kites. To paste kites, List paste, then paint, Vice versa. The designs of kites are usually symmetry. In grader to make designs more coherent, you had better paste first and paint later.

??????? 3.Painting
????How to paint the kites has been regarded as a comprehensive representation of each technique. Kites inside the room as well as flying outside are both a nice picture. The purpose of paint colors and make designs is to better express content of the subject and intensify the aesthetical feeling of forms. Thus, the technique on color is also an important in making kites.?

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