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Weifang World Kite Museum

Rugged-wing Kite

Kites with rugged-wing:The wings of the kind are fixed, but the framework is varied according to different themes. The distinguishing feature of this kind is the lift-part, which is made into the shape of wings. The lift-part is made of two horizontal bamboo strips. one is high and the other is low. At the same time, the tow edges are high, the middle parts is concave, forming ventilationpath. The end of the wings slants backards, letting the wind flowing across.
  1. 天官赐福
  2. 鹊桥会
  3. 化蝶
  4. 黛玉藏花
  5. 吕布与貂婵
  6. 西施与范蠡
  7. 女娲炼石
  8. 鼠猫争春
  9. 仙童骑虎
  10. 蝴蝶
  11. 包拯